336A virtual test facility for simulating detonation-induced deformation and fracture of thin flexible shells
Submitter:Ralf Deiterding(ralf@cacr.caltech.edu) California Institute of Technology
Authors:Ralf Deiterding (ralf@cacr.caltech.edu) California Institute of Technology
Fehmi Cirak (cirak@cacr.caltech.edu) California Institute of Technology
Sean P. Mauch (sean@its.caltech.edu) California Institute of Technology
Daniel I. Meiron (dim@caltech.edu) California Institute of Technology
Abstract:The fluid-structure interaction simulation of detonation- and shock-wave-loaded fracturing thin-walled structures requires numerical methods that can cope with large deformations as well as topology changes. We present a robust level-set-based approach that integrates a Lagrangian thin shell finite element solver with fracture and fragmentation capabilities with an Eulerian Cartesian detonation solver with optional dynamic mesh adaptation. As computational application, the induction of large plastic deformations and the rupture of thin aluminum tubes due to the passage of ethylene-oxygen detonation waves is presented.
Session: Shock waves
Day: Wednesday 6 September
Time: 10:50
Room: LR12